Why Squaggle?

  • Everything your kid needs – apps, safe video, safe web, and the tablet
  • 30 day, money back guarantee
  • Designed and trusted by parents
  • Safe for kids
  • Award winning apps will make learning child’s play
  • Access over a million games, books and videos on Google Play
  • Feels more like a tablet and less like a toy

Nurture their curiosity and creativity

  • Promotes play, interaction, touch, thinking, watching, reading, and listening
  • Utilise the best award winning edutainment apps to expand their minds
  • Makes learning fun, not work

Everything age appropriate

  • Protects your kids from the ‘bad’ cyberspace stuff
  • Easily block inappropriate ads, websites and videos so you don’t have to constantly look over their shoulders

A tablet designed for them to call their own, featuring

  • A kid tough casing to deal with bumps and ‘accidents’
  • A range of accessories especially designed so kids can personalise and make the tablet theirs
  • PLUS you get to reclaim your tablet!

Combat screen addiction with time controls so that you don’t need to be the timekeeper

  • No more fighting with the kids to get them off the tablet
  • Flexibility to use the quick shutdown timer, or configure a calendar for more comprehensive controls by day, app, user
  • Set time block so that tablet won’t work when kids are supposed to be sleeping

Freedom to explore, without the worry

  • Prevents kids from making accidental in-app purchases
  • Kid safe browser and video gives them freedom to explore online safely
  • Parental controls give you control, flexibility, and peace of mind that they are protected from the ‘bad stuff’

Powerful enough for adults, safe enough for kids

  • A tablet that’s fast enough to keep up with their mind and their thirst to explore and learn
  • A full-featured tablet with enough grunt for adult use, making it a tablet and not just a toy
  • Parental controls, safe browser, and safe video to propel kids ahead while still being safe

Flexibility to customise

  • PIN-protected parent mode gives full access to the Google Play store so you can enhance your kids learning opportunities as they grow
  • Parental controls allow you to add and remove apps and content, and customise the experience for each of your kids

Price less than the cost of going to the movies.

  • Everything your kid needs – apps, safe video, safe web, and the tablet
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No lock in contract*
* Terms and Conditions apply

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