About Us


We help make kids smarter and parents happier by making it easy for parents to ensure their kids spend their screen time usefully.

Our tablets make learning fun, by coming pre-installed with the best award winning edutainment apps. They are made child-proof to mitigate bumps and ‘accidents', and have features to ensure parents don't have to worry about what their kids are doing. These include:

  • Automatic blocking of inappropriate ads, websites and video with safe browser and safe video
  • Time controls to combat screen addiction and end fights to get kids off their tablets
  • Flexibility to add and remove apps, websites, and videos in PIN protected parent mode
  • Prevention of accidental purchases by blocking in-app purchases in kid mode


We started out as an idea from many conversations with my friends about our kids and their ever increasing use of smartphones, tablets and computers.

We bemoaned how when we were growing up, things were much simpler. Then we realised that we were starting to sound like our parents!

We know the world is forever changing, seemingly at a faster and faster pace, and we must adapt and help our kids to find their way. We know technology is now a part of all our lives, and that it is possible to harness it to make our kids smarter, more confident, and more resilient. We figured that as our kids are going to spend time on gadgets, we would make sure they ‘spend time usefully’.

As I spoke with my kids about the idea, their imaginations took flight and they came up with the Squaggle character, Squaggleland and the characters who live there. And so Squaggle was born........


The Squaggleland characters are all different with different personalities and traits, but how did they start?

One day when I was in a boring maths class, I doodled a Buckle. The Buckle lived millions of years ago, in a land called Uckle. The Buckle was a bit lonely, until it found a new pet, the Puckle. The Buckle was a funny looking character with many different colours and was always smiling. About a week later (in another boring maths class), a Squaggle was born. I loved my creations, and when I showed them to my dad, he loved them too. He liked them so much he named his new company Squaggle, and asked me to think about who else might live in SquaggleLand. With help from my brother and sister, the Duckle and Lobkey were born.


We try to instill in our kids a sense of community and their responsibility to contribute. We support the Smith Family and the great work they do to help disadvantaged Australian kids.

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