May 4, 2016
Mum with daughter and safe tablet

Quick tips to make sure your tablet is safe for your kids

Gone are the days when a piece of paper and a rainbow set of crayons made kids giggle with glee. Your child may still get a kick from arts and crafts endeavours, but Smartphones and Tablets are oh-so-appealing when it comes to the activity du jour. But you worry about the bad stuff that’s out there; the mindless, time-wasting apps that are full of ads and in-app purchases; the YouTube videos with bad language and nasty images; the websites which are meant for adults, not kids. What can you do to make your device ‘kid-safe’ before you hand it over? […]
April 28, 2016
Kids smiling team sports

Why your kids should play team sports

If you want your kids to grow up to be confident, well-adjusted adults, then team sports can be part of the solution. ‘When you play a team sport you learn that it doesn’t just come down to the best player’, says Ross Morrison, a sports expert with the NSW Department of Education and Communities. ‘It comes down to working as a team, accepting decisions and understanding that people have different abilities’. Playing a team sport provides kids with important lessons in personal values, Ross says. ‘Kids learn that things aren’t going to go their way all the time, and that […]
April 21, 2016
Learning Potential App

Learning Potential App – An easy way to get more involved in your kids’ learning

We’re all keen to help our kids get ahead, but for many of us it’s difficult to find quick, easy, and practical ways to get involved. I’ve heard many differing and sometimes conflicting messages on what we should be doing. I remember trying to help my son with his primary school maths, only for him to tell me ‘Dad, that’s not how the teacher showed us how to do it. You must be showing me the old fashioned way!’ That comment certainly made me feel like a dinosaur! Having not grown up in Australia, I’m not sure if the method […]
March 31, 2016
Girl with wifi

Why Wi-Fi won’t give your kids cancer

I recently caught up with a friend of mine who has a young child and he asked me my opinion on the claim that Wi-Fi is dangerous for kids. I’ve heard this concern from a number of different people, so decided to do some more detailed investigation. A recent blog post in Forbes, by Robert Szczerba citing a study that suggests Wi-Fi exposure is more dangerous to kids than previously thought went viral. However, a week later another article in Forbes outlined why the first article was completely wrong. The author of the second article, Steven Salzberg, had a closer […]