Learning Potential App – An easy way to get more involved in your kids’ learning

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Learning Potential App – An easy way to get more involved in your kids’ learning

Learning Potential App

We’re all keen to help our kids get ahead, but for many of us it’s difficult to find quick, easy, and practical ways to get involved. I’ve heard many differing and sometimes conflicting messages on what we should be doing. I remember trying to help my son with his primary school maths, only for him to tell me ‘Dad, that’s not how the teacher showed us how to do it. You must be showing me the old fashioned way!’ That comment certainly made me feel like a dinosaur! Having not grown up in Australia, I’m not sure if the method of teaching maths has changed over the years, so I decided to bite my tongue and keep my opinions on how multiplication should be done to myself!

I recently came across a free app, from the Australian Government, which has lot of tips on practical ways to be more involved in your kids’ learning. The app is called ‘Learning Potential’ and is free to download for iOS (Apple) and Android.

Research from around the world tells us that the more we’re involved in our kids’ learning, the more we help unlock their potential and help them to be the best they can.

But for many of us, the question is ‘How can I be sure my involvement is effective, given I only have small opportunities in my busy day’? That’s why this app is so good. It has lots of tips and ideas for you to try, and will show you how little activities fit into your routine, like when you’re getting ready for dinner or driving to and from school.

The app is full of inspiring ways in which you can be involved in your kid’s learning – in the early years, at primary school, and at high school. I really like that the app can provide information tailored to your kid’s age. You can set it up for regular hints and reminders, and the information it provides is regularly updated.

You can find out more at this link. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how to be more involved with your kids’ learning? We’d love to hear them. Leave your comments in the ‘Leave a reply’ section below.

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Learning Potential – https://www.learningpotential.gov.au/

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