September 8, 2016
Future Text above hands

Using tablets for improving your kids’ future, not just for playing games

Every school year, more schools seem to pick up tablets and applications instead of textbooks. Governments, textbook publishers and tech industry giants like Apple and Samsung are banding together to provide a great experience for our kids, with always up-to-date materials and interactive experiences to teach children and teens. This isn’t limited to American High Schools either, it’s happening worldwide for younger and younger kids! It’s a money saver for schools, it’s cooler for kids, and parents are quickly becoming comfortable with it as they get used to seeing tablets in other businesses, services, and even their cars. I wouldn’t be […]
September 1, 2016
Balancing tech and sports for kids

Balancing Tech and Sports as Parents

I might be showing my age with this article, but when I was young there was a story that went around asking whether it was better to be a nerd or a jock. It listed all the money that Michael Jordan made doing every daily task, like going to the movies earning him $175,000 plus and going to the bathroom made him $3000. After a few dozen examples, it switched perspectives, saying that it would take 450 years for the former Chicago Bulls superstar to match what Bill Gates already had. Nerds win, it declares. Of course you want your […]
August 25, 2016
Teach internet safety

Things parents should teach kids about the internet (before they learn it on their own!)

The internet is a wild place, with rules so lax it’s often referred to as the “wild, wild west”. Yes, I’m talking about the very same wild, wild west that Billie the Kid, James Dean, and Yosemite Sam all belong to. There are almost no rules (except for Godwin’s law but that’s not a real one). Normally, as an adult you can filter out the garbage, but your children don’t have that kind of filter. When your daughter asks Siri to search the internet for photos of Jasmine, she meant the Disney character, not the exotic dancer. When your son […]
August 18, 2016

How to be a good role model for your kids (in your use of mobile technology)

Long gone are the days when a phone was just used for calling. With the growing extinction of the landline, we’re picking up our mobiles more than ever. According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), more than 5 million adult Australians use only a mobile (and don’t have a fixed-line at home). Twenty-one percent of Australians (again, according to the ACMA) only use mobile devices for their Internet access. When it comes to kids, 86 percent of households use/allow Internet access through mobile devices, notes the Australian Bureau of Statistics. What does this mean for your child? If […]