July 13, 2016
STEM activities for kids

How can you make STEM fun and exciting?

Chances are that you’ve already heard of STEM. It’s the buzziest of buzz words when it comes to education, and it’s something that your child’s school is now counting as essential. So, what is it, why does your child need it and how can you make STEM fun and exciting? What Is STEM? Let’s start at the beginning. STEM isn’t the thing that holds up a flower. Okay, technically it is. But, it also stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM skills are inquiry-based (focusing on open-ended questions and exploration) and have practical applications for the 21st century learner. […]
July 6, 2016
Ban kids from technology

Should we ban our kids from using technology?

Our kids are growing up with technology practically everywhere they look. That said, health and safety concerns surround the use of electronics – especially when it comes to children. The Australian Government’s Department of Health recommends that children under 2 should spend no time watching TV or using other electronic devices and that children ages 2 through 5 should have no more than one hour of screen time per day. With that in mind, it’s not exactly earth-shattering breaking news that some parents are wondering, ‘Should I even allow my child to use technology?’ You’ve Got Tech-Time Worries You’re worried […]
June 29, 2016

How would your kids survive a digital detox?

Are your kids’ eyes glued to a screen right now? Odds are, unless they’re sleeping they are! According to the Kaiser family foundation, kids spend over 53 hours+ per week on a screen. Kids are addicted to them; they need a thing to look at all day every day of the week. They’ll fight over who gets a screen. I know my kids want the tablet all the time, and they’ll fight until I, as a parent, have to intervene and state: ‘No one gets any screen until tomorrow!’ Of course, I never follow through. Eventually, they get them back […]
June 21, 2016

Should you teach your kids a second language or a coding language?

Gone are the days where knowing only English will be enough to communicate effectively with everyone around you. The world is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to the internet; companies are going international with their international customers calling you from Shanghai; yearly vacations to exotic countries are the norm for most middle-class families. Each of these situations and dozens more are made so much easier with the appropriate language under your belt. Learning language is built into young children’s brain chemistry, which is one big reason why they pick up languages so much easier than adults do. In fact, the younger […]