September 1, 2016
Balancing tech and sports for kids

Balancing Tech and Sports as Parents

I might be showing my age with this article, but when I was young there was a story that went around asking whether it was better to be a nerd or a jock. It listed all the money that Michael Jordan made doing every daily task, like going to the movies earning him $175,000 plus and going to the bathroom made him $3000. After a few dozen examples, it switched perspectives, saying that it would take 450 years for the former Chicago Bulls superstar to match what Bill Gates already had. Nerds win, it declares. Of course you want your […]
July 20, 2016
Healthier lives

As parents what can we do to encourage our children to be living healthier lives?

As parents, we want to teach our kids everything they need to know to help them enjoy their lives and be happy. How to kick a ball, make friends, treat others well. We help teach them to read, write, and create. We’re responsible for encouraging them to form good habits, promoting healthier lifestyles. Our kids, on the other hand, can seem to have a penchant for the not so healthy. Too many cookies, too much candy, tablets’ and television. Not enough brushing their teeth, eating their veggies, or doing their chores. At times it can feel like we’re battling The Dark […]