September 15, 2016
Child smile on the map and the earth indicating programming

Latest trend: Elementary school programming classes for kids

Last September, just like every September before then, Australian education higher-ups announced a whole bunch of changes to the elementary school programs for younger kids. It wasn’t the normal spiel that starts with “update the textbooks to ones that were written after the world was round” and ends with “take away another hour of art in favor of more math.” No, this time, the change was different. “We’re cutting out history and geography in favor of programming and computer sciences.” Wait, what? Staying objective This is old news by the way; remember I said that this was announced last September. […]
July 13, 2016
STEM activities for kids

How can you make STEM fun and exciting?

Chances are that you’ve already heard of STEM. It’s the buzziest of buzz words when it comes to education, and it’s something that your child’s school is now counting as essential. So, what is it, why does your child need it and how can you make STEM fun and exciting? What Is STEM? Let’s start at the beginning. STEM isn’t the thing that holds up a flower. Okay, technically it is. But, it also stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM skills are inquiry-based (focusing on open-ended questions and exploration) and have practical applications for the 21st century learner. […]