April 14, 2016
Sugar tax

Should we have a ‘sugar tax’?

Could the UK’s New Sugary Drink Tax Make Its Way to Australia? Sugary drinks causing obesity in children? Of course you know that – it’s not exactly breaking news to most of us parents. But, the new tax on sugary drinks in the UK is something that’s making headlines! Led by health advocates and crusaders, such as celeb chef Jamie Oliver, the UK Government recently announced that this tax is set to go into effect in 2018. Why the sugar tax? According to Jamie Oliver’s website, the step to add this tax demonstrates that the UK Government believes that “Enough […]
January 14, 2016
HIdden Sugars

A fun and easy way to avoid the danger of ‘hidden’ sugars

It’s been over 10 years since Morgan Spurlock existed on just McDonald’s for a month in the groundbreaking film, ‘Super Size Me’. Now, Australian TV actor and filmmaker Damon Gameau stars in ‘That Sugar Film’, in which he exists on ‘healthy’ low-fat food with a high sugar content for 60 days. The results are more shocking than anyone could have expected. Within three weeks, the previously healthy Damon was feeling terrible all the time, lethargic and snapping at the slightest thing. A visit to the doctor confirmed the worst – he had the beginnings of fatty liver disease. Gameau didn’t […]