October 6, 2016
Girl looking at laptop while writing

How Technology Can Help Kids Learn: Digital Communication

If you believe the media reports that chastise everything electronic with our youths’ downfall, you’d think that technology is the world’s worst teaching tool. It seems like every other news report, blog post and Facebook-shared article features a story about just how ‘bad’ technology is for children. Yes, there are negative aspects of too much screen time. The Australian Government’s Department of Health recommends that toddlers under 2-years shouldn’t have any screen time at all, and young children from 2 to 5-years should have no more than one hour total of electronics time per day. The same guidelines also say […]
September 22, 2016
relaxing in hammock and reading story

Is Story Time on Tablets OK? (or should you stick to print)

“Mommy! Mommy! Tonight, for story time, can we read Winnie the Pooh?” You grin when you hear these words come out of your 4 year-old’s mouth. You walk to the bookshelf and pick out The Blustery Day, a favorite, and open it to the first page. Except tonight, things are different. “No! Not that one; this one!” The demand comes as they whip out the tablet. When that first happened to me, my heart dropped. “Is this ok?” and “Does this count as screen time?” are the first two thoughts that raced through my head. I gave in this once, […]
November 10, 2015
Learn or play

Do our kids learn best through play or work?

Learn through play or work I can still vividly remember arriving back at our apartment with my wife and our first born son. He was 5 days old. We walked in the door, looked at each other, and realised we were now responsible for his future. It was terrifying! Who in their right minds would put us in charge of something so important? We had to learn how to look after this amazing little creation and fast! Almost fifteen later we have three kids, and while we’re not as terrified, we still spend lots of time worrying. Our son, Declan, has […]