October 6, 2016
Girl looking at laptop while writing

How Technology Can Help Kids Learn: Digital Communication

If you believe the media reports that chastise everything electronic with our youths’ downfall, you’d think that technology is the world’s worst teaching tool. It seems like every other news report, blog post and Facebook-shared article features a story about just how ‘bad’ technology is for children. Yes, there are negative aspects of too much screen time. The Australian Government’s Department of Health recommends that toddlers under 2-years shouldn’t have any screen time at all, and young children from 2 to 5-years should have no more than one hour total of electronics time per day. The same guidelines also say […]
November 23, 2015
Squaggle_kids asleep at desks_image screen time

Screen time and its impact on healthy sleeping habits

Healthy sleep habits Growing up in the digital age exposes our kids to infinite opportunities to learn. One disadvantage is that screen time seems to be taking precedence and less time is being spent on the things that we as parents think are worthwhile; such as those essential daily activities like sleep, active play and family time. So what constitutes healthy sleep habits? A regular bedtime. According to the Sleep Health Foundation of Australia, “The body has an internal clock and hormones that control sleepiness and wakefulness. This clock works best if there is a regular sleep routine.”[i] Relaxing for an […]